2014’s Sensation – Kelly Brook And Her Hot Calendar

In Kelly Brook on 15 Oct 2013
Kelly Brook anounces hotness all year round!

Kelly Brook anounces hotness all year round!

Kelly Brook’s Official 2014 Calendar is out and we sure have heavy stuff to blow our minds. Like every year, the busty model promises a very, very hot next year. In a way, Kelly Brook is right, because we can never feel cold when we have her presenting February all naked and partly covered by fur.

Skimpy lingerie and topless look transform her body into an even sexier sensation and make from our favorite British babe an instant attraction. I mean, we all know what Kelly Brook is capable of, but it sure is a pleasure to be reminded from time to time.

As for the hottest month of the year, July, few words come to my mind, as my head is still spinning from the hot image imprinted on my retina. A white wet dress sticks to Kelly’s insane curves as it becomes see-through, offering us the view we wanted.

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