A Baby Bump Won’t Stop Kim Kardashian From Wearing Bikini

In Kim Kardashian on 22 Feb 2013 by Bog

Kim Kardashian’s boobs really fill up that top!

Wait a minute! Did you just think Kim Kardashian will let us get away so easy now that she’s pregnant with Kanye’s baby? I bet you didn’t. And now the time has come for that famous bump to make some money, too. Kim Kardashion was put on the cover by Dujour magazine, for the Spring issue.

There are some bikini shots in which she covers her belly – I believe she saves this kind of exposure that everyone expects since the day her pregnancy announcement came out for later and for a more substantial financial part -, so the bump isn’t actually the one that stands out. It’s her major cleavage that we all knew she’s got it.

And so, Kim Kardashian plays her sexy card by flaunting her boobs and just resuming to showing off her ass dived into a pool. It’s obvious she gained some weight in these last few months, but could that be so bad her ass needs to stay away from the camera?

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