A Polish Hottie – Sylwia Wojciech

In Models on 19 Mar 2012 by Bog

Sylwia Wojciech is a Polish hottie and she knows it!

I just wonder what the Polish girls eat, because they end up being so beautiful! Today’s Polish model is Sylwia Wojciech (I dare you to spell her last name), a  29 years old hottie. Hmm… did she hide all these years? It doesn’t matter anyway, because we can all delight our eyes with her delicious body.

She poses in sexy underwear, of course, and I tried very hard to find a single thing bad about her, but there’s no luck – an exotic appearance that cannot be missed by anyone, men or women. Sylwia Wojciech can easily enter in every man’s wet dreams, after seeing her proudly showing off her big tits, hidden in some sexy bras.

In some photos things turn even sexier, as she puts on some fishnet stockings or corsets or shows her ass having just a tiny thong between her butt-cheeks. This blondie knows how to spice everything even more and I’m so glad I found her!

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