Aida Yespica In A Thong Bikini – Again!

In Aida Yespica on 25 Jan 2013

Aida Yespica makes waves on the Miami beach!

You know, a good tan takes long hours spent on the beach. And what a burden is this for anyone! I bet Aida Yespica doesn’t even like showing off her thong bikini while sunbathing and soaking into the water, to cool off all the hotness she inspires with her ridiculously sexy look.

Laying on a lounge chair and doing nothing but oiling her legs makes a really fun activity to watch, as well. Well, there’s one thing Aida Yespica should consider: she shouldn’t neglect her butt-cheeks, because we don’t want to see those two cheeky getting a sun burn.

But before worrying about anything else, let’s take a pause. We deserve to quietly enjoy the bikini body Aida Yespica proudly flaunts. Fine ass and sexy legs – checked, big boobs complimented by a generous cleavage – checked, as well. There are dirty thoughts coming though my mind just seeing these photos!

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