Alena Blohm Will Leave You Speechless

In Models on 4 Dec 2012 by Bog

Alena Blohm has just begun to show off her sexy skills in posing!

Another German beauty strikes again and this time it’s Alena Blohm. A sweet blonde, with infinite legs and a unique smile that conquers every person that sees her. In one word, Alena Blohm is wow and she looks sensational in the Nordstrom Lingerie Catalog. Forget about the cold December, because the sexiness of this model’s body heats you up instantly.

The finest materials cover her curves and it’s a pity we can’t see anything through that apparently see-through lace. Yet, I’m enjoying her assets, as she lets us admire her cleavage and even arousing us by showing off her back and the sexy ass, while she’s topless.

And it’s a fact: this photoshoot and, implicitly, Alena Blohm make your day better. No worries, no sadness, no anything negative. This sexy girl just won’t allow. She’ll show us her every inch of her body, in the most provocative positions, just to put a pleasurable smile on our faces.

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