Altair Jarabo Covers Smoking Hot Body Only With A Man’s Shirt

In Celebrities on 12 Dec 2012

Hidden boobies and some other hot curves! Altair Jarabo is crazily hot!

Altair Jarabo is one good looking girl on the cover of Open Magazine. Maybe a little bit shy in some photos and maybe a little bot too covered in some, but she’s got potential. For me, Altair Jarabo is a new face, and I am sure I’m not the only one. Mexican origins and soap opera actress – they’re both premises for beauty and we’re not disappointed at all.

Laying on a bed, with a man’s shirt on, Altair Jarabo makes such a pleasant view for our eyes. A little bit of cleavage, naked legs and a lot of things that remain for us to imagine. So, slowly, start stripping her in your mind. Follow her curves and try to find out what is she hiding underneath those provocative pieces of clothing.

Open Magazine opens our minds and Altair Jarabo turns us on with her sexiness. Very, very nice of her!

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