Alyssa Milano Has Huge Cleavage

Alyssa Milano and her huge cleavage

Alyssa Milano attended the “33 Club Party” in New York. She was wearing a beautiful dress with a very generous cleavage. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Alyssa or her boobs, and I’m glad that she decided to go out and about wearing this sexy outfit. The sexy actress-turned-sportswear designer hosted the party organized by MLB and she had a lot of fun doing it. We can only wish more partying for our actress and we look forward to see what she reveals next.

Alyssa Milano in a sexy black dress Alyssa Milano has cleavage Alyssa Milano has cleavage and see through

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Ok while I love Ms Milano…the description…”Alyssa Milano Has Huge Cleavage” is a completely false statement. From the above pics, it makes her look almost flat chested and thats a real shame. Huge cleaveage would be something like this:

Thats HUGE cleavage…not what Alyssa has…

May 9, 200911:30 am