Anais Pouliot Fires Up The Winter In Oysho Lingerie

In Models on 16 Nov 2012

Anais Puoliot is a genuine beauty!

With a 21-year-old ravishing beauty – this is how we get the weekend started. Anais Pouliot is a fashion model from Canada and she presents winter collection for Oysho. And it’s lingerie, of course! The photos are beautiful, although I feel Anais Pouliot is a little bit shy.

Not showing off too much, highlighting her assets very discreet, like she doesn’t want to twist anyone’s heart, Anais Pouliot still manages to arouse our interest in her. But is it possible for a man to remain indifferent in front of her? No, I don’t think so, just by looking at how good she is laying down on the ground, exposing that sexy body.

I believe this winter is going to be hot. At least, Anais Pouliot feels fiery, adding some degrees in the frosty thermometers. Admire the legs, enjoy her cleavage and let your mind run free.

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