Ashley Hart On A Beach Day

In Models on 15 Mar 2012

This girl knows how to have fun at the beach!

This is Ashley Hart or the perfect recipe for a hot day at the beach. She puts on a very sexy bikini that moves around when she is in the water, and goes to the beach, where she does everything that goes through her head. Of course, the paparazzi don’t miss the event and here it is: we have it all in the photos.

She’s breath taking, because she is not afraid of anything. We can see her fooling around in the water and leaving her wet bikini stick on her boobs and between her butt cheeks – showing off a nasty ass, making us more and more curious about what’s underneath.

But that’s not all, because she seems to be very elastic, too. If she is so willing to show the others how great she manages her body, standing in just her hands and putting her long legs in the air, you just imagine how Ashley Hart is in the bedroom. I’m so jealous on that man standing next to her!

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