Ashley Tisdale Is One Leggy Puppy Lover

In Ashley Tisdale on 14 Jun 2012

Leggy Ashley Tisdale is a dog lover!

Ashley Tisdale is leggy, too. And a great companion for her is that cute puppy she carries with her. Sometimes, pets are luckier than human. Few persons may enjoy the warmth of Ashley’s boobs, but this little guy has unrestricted access. It’s funny how sometimes we can be jealous on innocent animals!

Anyway, the young actress looks great in her shorts and it would have been nice to have a booty view, as well, because denim shorts are always promising. And from these pictures all we get are legs. No cleavage, no tight top, no nothing. Only the puppy makes her blouse contour a bit on her boobs.

Ashley Tisdale must be very confident with her sexy legs if they’re all she’s willing to show at once. Looking forward for some more skin on the upper part! I guess until then, the only happy creature is that little dog, staying comfortable in her arms.

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