At 47 Elizabeth Hurley Is Her Own Braless Model For Beach Collection

In Elizabeth Hurley on 23 Aug 2012

Elizabeth Hurley dares to wear a deep cleavage!

Elizabeth Hurley defies her age and nature, looking stunningly toned and hot at 47. Do you realize that she’s almost 50? I just love these real ladies, kicking asses of girls in their 20s, with their ravishing charm and strong sex-appeal. Elizabeth Hurley looks like an experienced woman from any point of view. And she wears no bra underneath those thin beach dresses, her boobs stay firm and she denies going under knife for any adjustments.

Oh, yes, being all captivated by the hotness these photos inhale, I forgot to mention that she’s her own model, because all these are part of the ad campaign for the Beach Collection 2013. So, Elizabeth Hurley designs her bikini. I guess what we see is exactly what she wants us to see. But she’s being so giving, I have no complains. Those curves definitely don’t look like 47. With so many sexy real ladies over 40, who cares about the age anymore?

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