Audrina Patridge Is An Exotic Beauty On A Tahiti Beach

In Audrina Patridge on 10 May 2013
Audrina Patridge has one perfect bikini ass!

Audrina Patridge has one perfect bikini ass!

Good! Someone has finally left the Miami Beach for a more exotic place. Audrina Patridge delivers hot bikini candids all the way from Tahiti. Throughout several days, Audrina Patridge changed different bikinis, one hotter than another. Tan, curves, boobs – oh, she knows exactly what we want to see. And as it looks, she is very much into giving love as well at this moment, as she is all over that guy that I assume is her boyfriend.

But that’s not my field of interest. My focus goes all on the smoking hot body that we have unfolded before our eyes. And if you noticed, our sweet Audrina has a special pocket for her iPhone. And what could it possibly be if not her cleavage? That’s what I call a lucky smartphone. Ways to use a woman’s tits… there you have just one idea. Naughty Audrina Patridge!

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