Bar Rafaeli Is Sweaty Hot

In Bar Rafaeli on 28 Aug 2010
Bar Rafaeli Tennis

Bar Rafaeli Tennis

Bar Rafaeli is back in her homeland of Israel and showed up at a charity tennis event. It must be hot there because she is sweaty and looking amazing in tight little shorts as she practiced. I thew in some pictures of her in the actual event looking hot too in a short little tennis outfit.

Something that I find a little interesting is that in the pics of her at the actual event she has a headset microphone on. Is Bar smart and witty? I have never heard her talk so I have no idea what her voice sounds like, but it must be pretty sexy if they gave her a mic so she could talk to people while she played tennis. I wonder if she was asking who in the crowd wanted to see her tits. The answer is, “This guy!”

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