Bar Rafaeli Perfect Bikini Ass Candids

In Bar Rafaeli, Bikini, Paparazzi on 25 Jul 2011
Bar Rafaeli Bikini Ass

Bar Rafaeli Bikini Ass

While building the well-known image editing software Photoshop, the programmers used Bar Rafaeli’s ass as a reference to set the maximum of shape perfection, tone and color. While that’s not entirely true, if some other smart guys decide to make a new photo editing software, this was a great tip on how to make it even better and more famous than this one.

And here’s another: replace the famous ‘shopped term with barrafed. So next time when a famous magazine features Kim Kardashian on its cover, you will happily say: Hey, her ass has been ‘Barrafed!

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