Bar Rafaeli Plays Sexy Tennis In Her underwear

In Bar Rafaeli on 27 Feb 2012

Tennis played in underwear would be more fun and sexy!

We got to see Bar Rafaeli in all kinds of situations in her photo shoots. But who thought that we’ll be seeing her wearing lingerie and playing tennis? Well, this is something new and at the same time, really exciting. Her fitted body really suits the tennis player role, so let us start the fantasies. With a sport bra and some cute panties that make her ass look awesome, Bar could be the only one that could take the public’s attention from the game itself.

Think about her jumping and stretching her body to catch the ball – boobies heaven! Oh, God, you made miracles with this woman!

I thank, too, because they put Bar Rafaeli in such sexy photoshoot. And even though I see just few pictures of her, they are enough to make me love this model more and more. Isn’t she super hot?

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