Bar Refaeli Shows Less Make Up, But More Boobs

In Bar Rafaeli on 8 Jan 2013

Don’t break your sweet long legs, darling!

That she’s beautiful, we cannot doubt. That she’s sexy as hell, it’s clear for all to see. That she’s out of many’s league is a fact. But it’s a pretty rare thing to see Bar Refaeli so bohemian, so relaxed and so natural. With almost non existing makeup on, the Israeli model ravishes with her flawless figure, showing off the genuine beauty that characterizes her as the new FOX image.

A little bit more flower power, but still she discloses enough to enlighten our day with her full cleavage as she stands all wet on the sand. Yes, she’s the same Bar Refaeli we know and she can’t be anything less than super hot. Even with clothes on, Bar makes our senses tremble in the most pleasurable way. Lost among poppies or layed topless in a bed, Bar Refaeli has the same effect on us. She truly breaths sexiness.

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