Beach Bunny Strikes Again With Xenia Deli

In Models on 5 Mar 2013

A little bit of her booty, a little bit of her boobies – Xenia Deli rocks!

Beach Bunny attacks with another sexy photoshoot, this time picturing Xenia Deli and her smoking body. No beach, no sand, no wet curves, just a white background and a Xenia Deli that takes care of making a hot atmosphere, even though this might not be the perfect scenario. Well, those curves really can substitute everything, so there’s no need for anything else in the photo, than her sweet figure.

And we also get to see a variety of intriguing bikinis that set our minds on the happiest and sexiest places on Earth. From lace see-through bikini bottoms to thong bikini, contouring the model’s ass so well, everything looks perfect. Xenia Deli was meant to be a bikini model and, lucky us, we can enjoy her in the photo gallery below. Take a look and don’t be shy in compliments. She deserves them all for what she proudly shows off.

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