Biggest Asses in Showbiz

Do you like big booties? If you do, you’ll really love this post. If you don’t, well you’ll have those celebrities even more.

Setting off with one off the most adorable big butts in entertainment, the bootylicious ass of Beyonce. I think Jay-Z married that ass!

Beyonce\'s big ass

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Ciara’s goodies must be mentioned:

Ciara big fat ass

This big fat bootie should have its own name! The Showbiz most wanted ass on the planet. The one and only bootie-woman, Ms Kim Fat Ass Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian the bootie woman

Said to be the perfect-shaped ass, Kylie’s bum is a delight:

Kylie bootie

Those lady lumps have drove many men crazy. Fergie’s ass is a blast!

Fergie big bootie

We miss the old shape of this Latino ass. Hope J.Lo’s ass will return to its past shape when she becomes a MILF.

Jennier Lopez ass

This exotic big booty makes a good team with that incredible pair of legs. Rihanna has it all:

Rihanna long legs and sexy ass

This big ass made us forget about Jennifer Lopez for a while. Shakira knows how to shake it:

Shakira big fat booty

We’ve seen this famous ass in so many states and situations that we think we had it. But this booty’s story doesn’t end here, get used to it. Britney‘s butt is still in the news.

Britney Spears ass

Lindsay‘s white ass still writes history in the paparazzi world.

Lindsay Lohan ass

Sitting on this fabulous black butt, Alicia Keys plays wonderful piano.

Alicia Keys has got the ass

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Ill stay with beyonce she’s the top one love it.

November 9, 200912:51 pm