Blake Lively Is The Sexy Fashionista On Gossip Girl Set

In Blake Lively on 13 Aug 2012

Not only leggy, but cleavy, too! Blake Live rocks!

Girls watch „Gossip Girl” for the intrigues, boy watch it for Blake Lovely, of course! She’s the hottest actress on the set. I don’t know if it’s her blonde hair or long sexy legs, but she twists minds so easily. Below you can enjoy Blake Lively on the set, exposing not so much and yet, being so inciting.

A little bit of cleavage here, a little bit of leggy there, Blake Lively is dosed when it comes to showing off her body. Or is it her boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds against the idea of everyone enjoying Blake’s delicious curves? Anyhow, thank God she’s an actress and we get to see her strip at least in her movies, if not in real life.

Like, Savages, where she plays sex scenes with Taylor Kitsch. This guy said it was awkward during these scenes and he couldn’t wait for them to be over. Is he crazy? What about the chance of touching her whole body, her boobs, her ass? Most of the people would pay for an opportunity like this and he’s trashing it. Blake Lively deserves more!

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