Blonde Elisha Cuthbert Makes The Day Sweeter

In Elisha Cuthbert on 12 Feb 2013

Elisha Cuthbert or the leggy blonde bombshell!

Elisha Cuthbert covers the March issue of Maxim Magazine and I must say we do have what to look at. A blonde television bombshell showing off her sweet figure in tight bodies – who doesn’t like that? Maxim calls her the sexiest sitcom star in the world that will burn our retinas with her sexitude. Well, I believe they’re not that far from the truth. With some long legs and crushing boobs arranged in perfect cleavages, Elisha Cuthbert has it all.

If you weren’t a fan, I bet you’ll give her TV show a chance, just because she’s in it. I mean, even the promos take advantage of how great Elisha Cuthbert looks, picturing her sipping a glass of wine sitting in the street while thumbing for a ride. In real life, no one would resist to a hot blonde looking so helpless and flaunting her cleavage at the same time.

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