Boobs Put Lindsay Lohan In The Spotlight

In Lindsay Lohan on 8 Aug 2012

Lindsay Lohan stakes on her hot curves!

Lindsay Lohan seems to be letting go drugs, drinking and wild nights. At least, in the last few months all we could see and hear from her were only beautiful things. Including her sexy body she exposes again in a one piece bikini photoshoot. Covering her belly, the actress took care of her best assets, the boobs, to be in center of attention due to see through material around them, squeezing her big tits into a perfectly round shape.

Like a true red-headed girl, Lindsay Lohan has, literally, freckles on her whole body, which is sexy, because you don’t see that every day in a woman. Sexy gestures and really confident on herself, that’s the recipe that conquers me. This leggy and controversial girl knows how to make a buzz. Too bad her face still counts the crazy lifestyle she used to have and it shows. But Lindsay Lohan compensates this minus with a plus from her curves.

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