Booty Leilani Dowding Giving Love To Her Dogs

In Models on 2 Aug 2012

Leilani Dowding working her smoking hot body!

If you’re still wondering what are the secrets that keep models and some celebrities so sexy, one of the answers is held by Leilani Dowding. Former Miss Universe contestant, Leilani walks her dogs and jogs at the same time. She was spotted all booty walking her dogs, making us jealous on her dogs, as they get to lick her face.

Leilani Dowding has a rocking body and this can never be proved better but with the strong abs she exposes. Stretching her body, she has no problem in working those curves, for sexier and sexier results. Still, she’s kind of upset with the paparazzi, showing them the finger.

How did they dare to look at her while she’s all hot doing her exercises? If only I would be a puppy and receive all that love Leilani Dowding is showing to her dogs! But I guess not everyone has that much luck, so it’s just the ass from the photos.

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