Brittany Mason Unleashes Her Hotness By Losing Clothes

In Models on 21 Sep 2012

Sexy is a small word to describe Brittany Mason and her curves!

Another Me In My Place photoshoot makes a model reveal herself in the most intimate moments in her own home. This time, the lucky one is Brittany Mason, a hot blonde that doesn’t have too many inhibitions, as we can clearly see from the photos below. She appears mostly in underwear, making sure, at the same time, that we get some of the best shots of her ass and her sexy squeezed tits.

Yet, Brittany Mason looks awesome in some colored stockings and a white tank top, literally giving up her panties and the bra. Too bad none of the two items she put on were see-through enough to make us the pleasure of seeing some goodies. I guess she loves keeping us in mystery, playing with our minds, as we can only imagine what’s underneath.

Anyway, there is no room for complaints, as Brittany Mason looks so hot in all the poses. Enjoy her cleavage and the thong between her butt-cheeks, because this is quality stuff!

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