Brittany Snow’s Cleavage

In Brittany Snow, Uncategorized on 2 Dec 2010
Brittany Snow shows her cleavage

Brittany Snow shows her cleavage

Brittany is looking rather tasty and showing off her great cleavage at the The Rolling Stone AMA after party. Its amazing when you see these celebrities in certain photos they look a lot more attractive then you remember seeing them on tv.  Brittany definitely has a great body and  is beautiful so wearing a dress where  most of her boobs are hanging out just makes her that much more attractive.  Though I am sure its not a “real” situation, its still sexy.  Great body, good acting, nice smile, it states she is currently single, which I find hard to believe.  It can only mean one of two things, she is psychotic or she is still waiting for me to ask her out.

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