Bronde Or Brunette, Isabel Lucas Is Sexy Anyway

In Celebrities on 30 Mar 2012

Isabel Lucas has the skills to be a model!

Isabel Lucas is the one you’re about to see in this post. And she’s not a model, although she could win a lot more attention and celebrity if she would take this path, instead of acting. This sexy girl of 27 is an Australian actress and I will not compliment her work, which I don’t know anything about, but I will say that she is one of the hottest Australian women I’ve seen in quite a while.

Blonde or brunette, it’s up to you which color you think that suits her best. My humble opinion is that her hair is sexier brunette. Sometimes posing like an innocent little girl, other times, showing off her curved body in a very provocative way, Isabel Lucas make you get through many different emotions.

If I’d pick top two body parts that turn me on at Isabel Lucas, I would definitely choose her full boobs and her rocking abs. She can be sexy wearing clothes and discovering some essential sexy skin parts. Isabel Lucas rocks!

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