Camilla Piazza Showing Off Her Goodies For Aubade

In Models on 7 Feb 2013

A nice lace lingerie, a deep cleavage, a clutch and Camille Piazza is ready to go out!

Camille Piazza for Aubade Lingerie and Swimwear Collection – what a perfect match! An Australian model with an outstanding figure compliments each piece of underwear she puts on. Yes, she’s near perfection and it doesn’t take to get to the end of the gallery photo to realize that. With her sexy attitude on and her posing prepared to twists our minds, Camille Piazza gives the hottest shots.

It’s just hard to be insensitive to every curve she generously offers on a silver plate. The way her boobs fill the bra cups or the way her long legs look like wrapped in stockings, held by a girdle is just pleasure for eyes. From here and there a man does appear in the background photos, but I just can’t understand how can he keep his eyes off her ass and everything, staring at nothing?

Camille Piazza is just too good to be missed, so make yourself comfortable, because there’s a long sexy gallery below!

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