Can Nina Agdal Get Even Hotter Than This?

In Nina Agdal on 8 Mar 2013

Nina Agdal has one big heart as we all can see!

The more photos of Nina Agdal I see, the more she starts transforming into my eyes from a playful young woman to a ravishing sexy beauty. Bikinis make the difference, for sure, and this appearance for Aerie Swim Spring 2013 is absolutely enchanting. Nina Agdal, the waves, dirty sand, her wet curves and sticking bikini – that’s the picture I don’t want to ever erase from my brain.

I think I say this a lot, but this is the truth. Nina Agdal gets hotter and hotter with each photoshoot she takes, as long as she sticks to bikini and lingerie, of course. No one wants to see those curves covered.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve lost my words. I have only pictures in my head and in all of them Nina Agdal looks even less dressed than in the photos below. Take a look! I guarantee you they will have the same effect on your dirty mind, too!

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