Candice Boucher Combines Sexiness With Mystery

In Models on 18 Dec 2012

Candice Boucher conquers with her natural, yet sexy look!

It’s a Candice, but not Swanepoel. Yet, she’s still blonde and looking smoking hot. It’s Candice Boucher and she’s delightful. The South African model wakes up our senses with a lingerie photoshoot for Variance Lingerie. So little covering, so much exposing! I just love seeing gorgeous bodies covered in almost nothing.

With a very natural attitude, the beauty of her curves is embellished even more by the beauty of her innocent face. Candice Boucher has the exact amount of sexiness combined with the exact amount of mystery to make all men want her. And of course we want her. No one can say “no” to a sweet girl with amazing legs and such a great view over the cleavage.

Oh, well, enough talking! We have a new hottie here and I want to welcome her properly. Enjoy Candice Boucher and her sexy curves, browsing through the photo gallery below. She’s worth it!

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