Carly Craig In Thongs In Her Own Home

In Celebrities on 13 Apr 2012

Carly Craig made the perfect choice with this sexy lace lingerie!

Carly Craig let the photographers inside her house and they caught some great shots of her. Feeling comfortable, the actress changed several outfits that included lace lingerie, braless tops, thongs, panties and stockings. And seeing her laying down on her own bed, using her kitchen or her balcony to expose a perfect nasty ass is one of the ultimate experiences with this girl.

She’s in a fitted shape and best proves are her long legs and her butt. As for the rest of the body, I’m boiling inside over the fact that her pointy nipples get out of her top. Moreover, when Carly Craig bends over the kitchen furniture, the light shapes her boobs. How hot is that?

Carly Craig is an instant turn on in this photoshoot. You can’t show yourself so sexy, playing with your curves in your own bedroom if you don’t want men to start fantasize about you. Oh, my dirtly little dream girl, you got what you wanted!

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