Carmen Electra Reveals Her Bikini Body At 40

In Carmen Electra on 10 May 2012

Carmen Electra is all about boobs!

Carmen Electra just turned 40, but it’s not the case for her to give up showing off her yummy body in bikini. So, she’s not doing it and the photos below are the best proof. All I can see is a sexy woman, with a perfect cleavage, even though she has fake boobs.

Wearing a baby blue bikini and with her eyes covered by sunglasses, Carmen Electra doesn’t show her age at all. I choose her over lots of younger girls. Who wouldn’t? If all women would age so nicely, the world would be full of beauties.

Her legs are slim, her belly is flat and of course, all our eyes go to her tits. I think Carmen Electra achieved her goals. Always hot, always prepared to mesmerize everyone around her, she’s an icon for sexiness. I hope she’ll stay in this perfect shape for many years, because she’d be a sad loss!

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