Charming Miranda Kerr Curves Her Body To Mesmerize Us

In Miranda Kerr on 28 Dec 2012

Miranda Kerr looking smoking hot with only panties on!

Well, well, well! Who do we have here? It’s our lovely Miranda Kerr, the Angel we always see wearing those tiny pieces of Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Don’t make the impression that a cold December brings warm and covering underwear. It’s all about being sexy and Miranda Kerr adds some degrees in the thermometers only by exposing that hot body.

Of course, spicing up things is what Miranda Kerr loves, so getting rid of the bra and going topless for some shots were a must. How else would she get into our minds, making us crawl after her curves? And following each line of her curved body, we discover sexiness itself.

Perfection explains each part of Miranda Kerr. She is ravishing and we fall as her victims. Oh, Miranda Kerr has all men at her feet. And looking up, we’re thrilled to see her endless legs. Lucky us!

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