Cheryl Cole Announces A Hot 2013

In Cheryl Cole Tweedy on 26 Oct 2012

February is reserved to a messy, sexy Cheryl Cole!

Cheryl Cole presents her way of being in our lives at least for every day of the next year to come. You probably think you have more sexy calendars than you need, but how can you make a selection, when each one of them has something special to make it sexy?

While others don’t bother too much, counting on their bodies, Cheryl Cole goes beyond that and invites us countdown the days in a month following her curves. Yes, you’ve read that right! Not only that she’s in some hot positions for the camera, with few clothes on, but for her there’s no such thing as winter or spring or autumn and it’s just summer, with a desirable need to show off more and more skin.

Sensual lips, legs that give the impression of longer and provoking cleavages characterize Cheryl Cole. This sounds inciting, doesn’t it? Enjoy Cheryl Cole’s every hot month of 2013!

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