Christina Milian Happy To Show Off Her Generous Cleavage

In Christina Milian on 27 Aug 2012

Shake it, baby!

Malibu, watch out! Christina Milian’s cleavage makes waves on the beach. All smiley and happy, to fit the beautiful weather outside, she and a bunch of girls had fun in bikini. In this time, they were, of course, photographed, and now we can enjoy the voluptuous curves that Christina Milian shows.

Choosing to wear a bikini bra and cover her legs with some see-through pants, the singer has a very sexy bohemian look. But who cares about the look, when she’s so busy exposing her boobs? All eyes are just on that particular body part.

And, from time to time, her ass shows through the unrevealing pants. Oh, life’s good when there are so many generous women, always ready to share their goodies with us. Christina Milian is so sweet and I have to appreciate the kisses she sends through the paparazzi. Next time I’d appreciate a warm hug, to feel those hot tits.

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