Ciara Covers Her Curves In Lingerie For A New Music Video

In Ciara on 21 Aug 2012

Does Ciara need any description for this super sexy body?

Not many may be familiar with Ciara’s music, but I bet there are a lot of you familiar with her smoking sexy body. It’s a very rare chance to see a gorgeous woman wearing at the beach in her underwear, with a leather jacket on, but thanks to the entertainment industry, everything is possible. Out on a beach, enjoying the waves, Ciara filmed for her new music video. So I guess, it all explains by that.

A black bra, with matching high waist panties dress up so well the singer’s body, exposing her strong curves make a delicious image of Ciara. She’s not skinny, no woman like her can be that way, so it’s even sexier seeing her from all the angles. Leggy, cleavy and with a naughty ass… she got it all, so no one can complain about her. Now I’m really excited for the music video to come out and see those boobs juggle up and down!

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