Claudia Romani Puts A Heart On Her Bikini Ass

In Models on 1 Mar 2013

I wanna be the hands holding Claudia Romani’s butt-cheeks!

Miami Beach seems to be Claudia Romani’s favorite place to be, as she is constantly spotted sunbathing in the tiniest bikini ever. Probably because she already has worn lots of bikinis, she experiments in colors, yet keeping the same style, with the semi-thong bottom revealing her incredible ass. And, to be honest, the ass is all that brings Claudia Romani in the spotlight.

She doesn’t try that much showing off a good cleavage – not when she knows that all she needs to do is to turn around and show the world her greatest asset. Claudia Romani is sweet, just like a watermelon she tries to reproduce in colors. And the heart on the bikini bottom couldn’t be more suited in here. I love her butt and I believe we all do.

Below, Claudia Romani gives the best poses at the beach just for you. Enjoy them and make sure you don’t drool that much!

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