Cleavy Rosie Jones Refuses Clothes

In Models on 15 Jan 2013

Splendid view over Rosie Jones and, mostly, her cleavage!

Rosie who? It’s the unforgettable Rosie Jones, that hot model with big boobs spread all over the pages of Nuts Magazine. How can you not love Rosie Jones when all she does is losing clothes so easily? It’s as simple as that to let our eyes, minds and bodies mesmerized by the curviness of her sexy figure.

As I believe it should still be room for a little bit of imagination from us, below you have a selection of the sexiest photos picturing Rosie Jones barely controlling her natural instinct of ripping the see-through shirt off her. I guess those two naughty tits wanna stay free and face the world to our delight.

There are few clothes in this photoshoot and few words left for me to speak. With every curve I see I lose my concentration more and more. It’s the Rosie Jones effect or, better said, it’s a mixed effect from crushing fine legs and ass and unrealistic natural boobs.

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