Cleavy Selena Gomez Transforms Into A Glamorous Woman

In Selena Gomez on 3 Jan 2013

Cleavy Selena Gomez looks nothing like a teenager anymore!

Selena Gomez goes from the funny Disney girl to the glamorous woman in a photoshoot by Ellen von Unwerth for Glamour Magazine. Yes, she’s 20 years old now, she’s all a woman and she’s ready to show that to everybody. And for us this is exciting news, because, as you will convince yourself browsing through the photos in the gallery below, Selena Gomez has curves to be proud of.

And cleavage, but what a cleavage she’s got! I really did not know Selena Gomez can be this hot. Probably because she was dating Justin Bieber. Or is she still dating him? Well, I don’t care about that anymore. I’m just crushed by the sexiness Selena Gomez overwhelms us with.

And as much as she covers her curves in those long dresses, her boobs pop out or a leg shows and it’s impossible to not have the situation spiced up by Selena Gomez and her sexy features.

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