Daisy Lowe Is Almost Naked

In Daisy Lowe on 9 Jun 2010
Daisy Lowe Sexy

Daisy Lowe Sexy

Here are some screenshots of model Daisy Lowe taken from a video where she dances around in a thong and lets her tits fall out. If you don’t know who she is, Daisy is the daughter of Bush singer Gavin Rossdale. She is his daughter from a girl he was with before he was with before Gwen Stefani. I’m actually a little shocked that he is old enough to have a daughter who is old enough to be this hot.

I don’t know much about Daisy so I will use this time to rant about Gavin. For starters he kind of ripped off Nirvana and made a bunch of money. He is good looking so he gets a lot of hot girls. He hooks up with Gwen Stefani who is talented and sexy as hell, not to mention having a truckload of cash. So to recap, if you are a good looking guy you can be in an average rip-off band and bang half the hotties on the planet. Damn you Gavin! ?You either suck, or are a genius, I’m not sure which.

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