Demi Lovato Gained Curves

In Demi Lovato on 20 Apr 2012

Demi Lovato seems to be happy with her curvy body!

It’s a fact that Disney celebrities grow up, too, and Demi Lovato makes no exception. On the hot beaches in Rio de Janeiro she revealed her body. The main keyword that comes through my mind when I see Demi Lovato is curves (curves and not extra weight, although she’s on the edge at this point – few more pounds on and she will not be attractive anymore).

Still, considering her drug addiction problem, I believe we should give her a little bit of credit. And looking at the bright side, this way her boobs are bigger, her hips and her butt as well. After all, a curvy chick is hotter than one so skinny you can count her ribs.

Demi Lovato is definitely not a good girl anymore and her naughty body is the perfect proof. From the Disney princess, to a drug addict it seems to be a long way. But I guess the despair of being taken seriously as a woman made her do silly things.

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