Demi Moore Is Hot And Single

In Demi Moore, Featured on 18 Nov 2011
Demi Moore Vintage Photo

Demi Moore Vintage Photo

So it’s official, Demi Moore is divorcing Ashton Kutcher. She’d make a great kutch catch now, and fellow pigs, now’s the time to act! She’s feeling unattractive and vulnerable more than ever. It’s time to go and comfort her, show your soft side, try and understand what she’s going through. And it won’t be long till you’ll get to bang one of the hottest 49 years old MILFs I’ve ever seen. I’d watch my back though, Bruce Willies is just around the corner.

That was just satiric, we do not support the exploitation of any woman’s feelings. Especially Demi Moore – you don’t find females looking like this in their late 40’s on every street! If every woman at that age would look like Demi, we wouldn’t have any wars, protests or financial crisis!

Here are the 20 hottest Demi Moore Vintage photos back when she was younger.

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