Denisa Dvarakova Presents Hot Bikini Line For Cold Winter

In Models on 19 Nov 2012

Wet shirt, hot girl! Denisa Dvarakova knows how to be sexy!

Bikini doesn’t keep track of the weather. So, here it is Zimmermann Fall-Winter swimwear collection, having Denisa Dvorakova as the image. Denisa Dvorakova is a Czech model, it’s not the proper time for bikini in her country, but that doesn’t stop her going somewhere with a beach and the ocean, rolling her tanned skinny curves on the hot sand.

Everything is very inviting and inciting and, of course, I’m paying attention to the smoking hot girl and not what she’s wearing. With a long, slim figure, and with even longer legs, there’s only one advice I’d give to Denisa Dvorakova: eat and put some fat on that ass! As for the upper part, her boobs are just fine, making a great sexy cleavage.

Oh, summer, where are you? Denisa Dvorakova makes me miss the days when bikini was always on the agenda, girls never stopped disclosing their hot bodies .

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