Denise Milani Pool Photoshoot

Denise Milani

Denise Milani

Denise Milani’s treating us with her gigantic breasts and oiled hot body in a skimpy outfit.

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Denise Milani

The Buzz

Denise makes me think naughty thoughts. 😉

February 12, 201011:35 am

Denise is a phony. Real name is Trlica, lives in Glendora CA with her husband, Jerry and son. Tosses out friends after she uses them financially to climb the later. She’s as dumn as a light post.

March 24, 20101:10 pm

saw her new gallery on askmen today
I noticed the copyright is no longer denisemilani com
but JDJ Media
He was saying its true so the JDJ media stands for
Jerry Denise John (her son)

June 14, 20109:49 pm

so its really true that she and her husband screwed the web company she was working for by not appearing on the scheduled photoshoots

i dont get it how a husband can just sell his wife especially if she looks like denise
its all about the money
husband is greedy prolly

June 14, 20109:49 pm


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