Emanuela De Paula Reveals Her Brazilian Roots

In Emanuela de Paula on 5 Dec 2012 by Bog

Emanuela de Paula feels good showing off her tremendous body shape!

Emanuela de Paula is a hot Brazilian, revealing just a small part of what we expect to see underneath a woman’s clothes. It’s like she read my mind and now she’s showing off just exactly what I want to see. And, to be honest, these Next choices are very wise, as they contour so great the model’s sexy body.

Her skinny figure is nicely balanced by pretty generous curves. After all, Emanuela de Paula comes from Brazil, so you just cannot miss her round Brazilian ass. Lingerie, lingerie and again lingerie! From lace bras and sexy panties to slimming lingerie, it’s all about lingerie and it’s pleasurable having such a great view in front of our eyes.

Emanuela de Paula can stick to the sexy lingerie and that’s all. She needs no adjustments, but she does need some compliments for everything that she exposes for us. Good for your curves, my dear!

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