Emily Ratajkowski Provokes To Sexy Ring Fights

In Models on 16 Jul 2013
Double view over Emily Ratajkowski and her smoking curves!

Double view over Emily Ratajkowski and her smoking curves!

Just days ago Emily Ratajkowski was making us scratch our eyes by showing off her sensual topless body. Don’t you think today is going to be any different, as the hot model gets into the ring and goes tough. Yet, no man can ever take her serious in boxing when she appears wearing a red thong body with her nipples pointing out.

We’re more prepared for a fight in the bedroom, as Emily Ratajkowski puts the naughtiest thoughts into our minds and the most animal instincts into our bodies, than for a fight with her in the ring. Well, for sure, that’s what she had in mind when she out on those sexy clothes, making us crawl about her generous cleavage and her delicious butt-cheeks.

And because a smoking hot figure like hers is hard to forget, in the gallery below you’ll find an extra catch of her big tits struggling to stay in their place. Enjoy!

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