Fatima Torre Too Hot To Wear Clothes

In Celebrities on 1 Jun 2012

White means purity, but Fatima Torre looks to hot to be pure!

A familiar face in Mexican soap operas, Fatima Torre wants to either promote her roles or make herself known more than just a simple actress. And no matter what her intentions are, it has definitely aroused my interest on her after her sexy pictorial in H para Hombers Magazine. The photos are like an explicit entrance in Fatima Torre’s intimacy, as she gradually loses her clothes.

From a sexy, still decent dress, she remains in underwear, seeing next a sequel image of her, all wet, laying in the wet sand, going even topless. She’s got curves and we can closely observe her squeezable ass, the shots being very generous. The topless posture can’t be missed. Fatima Torre covers her boobs like a shy little girl, as if she wouldn’t know how hot she looks.

Wet shirt, lace lingerie and a body full of desire are only few of the sexy weapons Fatima Torre uses in this photoshoot. I’ve never seen her acting, but if she does it like she poses, I might be not only into her, but into soap operas, as well.

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