For Eva Longoria 37 Is A Hot Age

In Eva Longoria on 3 Dec 2012

Eva Longoria’s tits can’t fit the picture!

Of course, like GQ Mexico says on the cover, Eva Longoria is not desperate. She can be a lot of things, but she is definitely not desperate. Being 37 years-old and looking sexy as hell, like she does, Eva Longoria is sure sexy and she emanates only beauty around her. And who would have thought that about a small woman, of only 5’2’’ tall?

Well, strong essences are best kept in small bottles. This may be the reason for the curvy figure that Eva Longoria shows, with a full cleavage and a very naughty ass. So, get lost browsing through the pictures below, because you really have what to see.

Generous Eva Longoria leaves us to enjoy her curves. The femme fatale from within emerges and we’re given such a beautiful view in front of our eyes, with the passionate actress laying almost naked on an empty floor.

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