For Nina Agdal Everything Is Easier If Wearing A Pair Of Bikini

In Nina Agdal on 15 Aug 2013
The sweet Nina Agdal flaunting some even sweeter curves!

The sweet Nina Agdal flaunting some even sweeter curves!

It’s hard to resist the temptation of putting here every photoshoot with Nina Agdal, so I’m not trying to fight back today. Here she is, in all of her splendor, letting her sexy body be captured wearing Banana Moon Bikini. And there’s nothing new under the sun, as Nina Agdal is still the same smoking hot chick we put our eyes on in the beginning.

Looking very relaxed, the model has no problem in showing off her figure in front of the camera. It’s already a habit for her and knowing how good she looks, Nina Agdal seems not to care about the camera’s presence. After all, there’s no way the photographers will ever going to surprise her in a bad or unflattering angle.

Nicely squeezed boobs in generous cleavage, firm abs and delicious legs – that’s the image that makes it hard pulling Nina Agdal out of my head!

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