Freida Pinto Next Hot Hollywood Star?

In Beautiful on 18 Nov 2008

Freida Pinto is an indian actress from Mumbai. She’s the most beautiful indian woman I have ever seen. Her debut movie Slumdog Millionaire has won the People’s Choice Award at Toronto Film festival. The movie’s story is quite borring, how an Indian teen Jamal Malik became a contestant on the Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Hindi version. But I really need to see Freida Pinto in this movie!

An indian version of Nicole Scherzinger? Maybe. Maybe hotter.

Freida Pinto

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omg! she looks terrible in the big pic posted here! the others are b8r though. makes you realize the power of make-up 😛

November 18, 200811:15 am

She’s hot, but the hottest Indian women are Malaika Arora and Mugdha Godse.

December 17, 20088:33 pm

She is very elegant and pretty. She plays her role exceptionally well.

Actually she looks a little like my sister.

I wish her the best in her future career.

God bless.

January 24, 20097:14 am