Frida Sofia Guzman Ass Shots – New Bombshell In Thong Bikini

In Models on 12 Apr 2013
I just discovered a new hottie - 21-year-old Frida Sofia Guzman!

I just discovered a new hottie – 21-year-old Frida Sofia Guzman!

Frida Sofia Guzman was a complete stranger for me until today, but from now on I have a new babe imprinted on my eyes’ retina. Apparently her mom is a big rock star in Latin America, but until now her daughter has only stand out thanks to her smoking hot body. The Mexican model reached an unbearable level of hotness while doing a bikini photoshoot on the Miami Beach.

Wearing a thong lace bikini that gives the impression that once it’s wet it’s going to reveal everything, Frida Sofia Guzman turned the childish playing in the sand activity into a very inciting one, dirtying her naughty curves. Tits and ass are both hot stuff, so this truly transforms this sweetheart into a true bombshell.

I’m very pleased to meet Frida Sofia Guzman and you get the chance of a private meeting with her as well, by scrolling down and going to the photo gallery section, where this curved girl will stir the wildest feelings in you.

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