Gemma Arterton Bikini Shots

In Gemma Arterton on 1 Sep 2010
Gemma Arterton Bikini

Gemma Arterton Bikini

It must be hot British chick day here because here we have sexy English actress/model Gemma Arterton in a bikini while she is on vacation in Italy. She looks amazing. Her body is fit and tight, yet still has some very nice curves and I love that she is adventurous enough to put on a mask and actually do some swimming and exploring.

The best part about these pictures are the guys she is with. Normally I bitch about any guy that is not me with a hot girl, but here the guy is kind of chunky and pale and not very good looking. He gives hope to the rest of us that maybe some day we can find ourselves on a boat with a super hot girl soaking up the sun in Italy. He probably is either rich or has an enormous penis, but with the right lighting and some monopoly money you can fool most actresses that you have both for long enough to get her naked.

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